Bruckmann Sports Consulting was established in 2007 to provide specialist advice and professional services in venue management, competition management, anti-doping services and besides in marketing/pr/sponsorship at a secondary level.

    As a freelance sports management and consulting service provider we are committed to the long term prosperity of our clients and the full development of our client‘s professional opportunities. Our approach is based around our understanding and experience of a range of major international events and ability to forge strong relationships with key personnel within the relevant stakeholders.

    By now we were involved in 6 international championships and more than 30 international sporting events .



    We have experience in overseeing all operational, technical and participatory functions of an sporting event from pre-planning through post-event. We assist the management of the local organizing committees and the functional areas of event planning, including: logistics, media operations, volunteers, accreditation, venue preparation and competiton management

    Our sports marketing sources for support for competitive programs and projects and undertakes the marketing of sports products with a potential to uplift the sponsors corporate image. Our services include seeking out and negotiating endorsement and sponsorship opportunities, social media outreach, PR and maintenance through our affiliated partners.

    Aditionally we operate with much experience and a high degree of professionalism in the following key areas: development, preparation and implementation of anti-doping test plans, test coordination and anti-doping venue management, prompt and detailed documentation of testing and shipping process and chaperone training prior to competitions.



    Bruckmann Sports Consulting

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